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About Corfu

A Brief History

Corfu was inhabited since Middle Paleolithic Times. History begins in 734BC with the colonization of the island by the Corinthians. As a province of the Roman Empire since 229BC, it became part of the eastern Roman Empire known as Byzantium. After many invasions and pillages by Crusaders and pirates, in 1386 AC was accepted the dominion of Venice, which lasted for about 400 years. After the fall of Venice, the Democratic French took over and stayed for about 7 years.

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Corfu Town

The creation of a semi-independent state of the 7 Ionian Islands followed, with Corfu as the capital city, under the Russian protection. The state lived until the arrival of the Imperial French. After the defeat of Napoleon, Corfu became a British protectorate, until 1864 AC when it joined Greece.

Getting to Corfu


Corfu has an international airport with daily, direct flights from all main airports of Europe.

Getting to Corfu


The port of Corfu is connected with Car Ferries with all ports of Italy, as well as the port of Patras. With the greek mainland the port of Igoumenitsa, is connected the port of Corfu with car Ferries, which depart nearly every hour during the high season.

There are flying Dolphins connecting the port of Corfu with Paxos and the port of Albania Aghioi Saranda.

Getting to Corfu


A good highway from Athens, Rio-Antirio bridge, to Igoumenitsa, is the shortest route to reach Corfu. The whole trip with Ferry Boat included, lasts about 6,5 hours.

There is also bus connection with Athens and Thessaloniki 2 times a day.

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